Check ya snares, a second season of Alone Australia is coming to SBS – and casting is open for a third.

Ten more Aussie contestants will face nature, hunger and ultimately themselves as they try to survive as long as possible, this time in New Zealand!

Here’s a taste:

If you’ve not seen the series, think Survivor, but the contestants – all with expert survival skills – are dropped off into separate parts of a remote wilderness location with no crew or producers.

They are completely alone with their skills and a couple of GoPro cameras.

Sounds low-key, but this show is an absolute beast.

They can ‘tap out’ at any time for any reason, and some reasons are unlucky, like getting a fishhook stuck in your hand within the first week, but also heartbreaking… such as the mental challenge of loneliness. The one survivalist who lasts the longest wins a life-changing cash prize of $250K.

Casting for a third season of Alone Australia is currently open until March 3.

Missed season one? Stream it on SBS On Demand.