A friend of the late Princess Diana has slammed Netflix’s The Crown for portraying Diana’s final moments in its upcoming fifth season.

One of the late royal’s confidants, Simone Simmons, says the show will bring back the “most painful” times in Prince William and Prince Harry’s lives, according to the Mirror.

“These are cruel, sadistic and wicked people to recreate these moments. They are the lowest of the low,” she told The Sun.

“They are rewriting history as they go along and that’s what makes me very angry. Netflix are deliberately reviving the most painful time in the boys’ lives. It’s forcing them to relive the pain, agony, and psychological torment they suffered when their mother died. Why do these callous, insensitive people feel the need to recreate that horrible day?”

The streaming service released the first official trailer for the new season last week, which shows Elizabeth Debicki playing Princess Diana. The storyline will follow her tumultuous split from King Charles III and the royals.

“People will never understand how it’s really been for me, I never stood a chance,” Debicki says over footage of the Princess speeding in a car and laying in a pool.

The new season will be available to stream on Netflix starting November 9th.


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