Fans of Pink Floyd have slammed the band for going ‘woke’ after they released their 50th anniversary cover of ‘Dark Side of The Moon’.

Supposed ‘long time fans’ have slammed the band for going “woke with rainbows”, without realising the rainbow in the new artwork is paying homage to the original album cover from all those years ago.

The band made the special announcement on their social media accounts which featured the 50th anniversary image and while the news was met with joy for most fans, there was some that weren’t as pleased.


The disgruntled fans took to the comment section of the posts to voice their displeasure with some saying “Lose the rainbow,” “Why does there have to be a bloody woke rainbow,” You’re making yourself look stupid” and even a now deleted tweet where the user claimed to be a longtime fan but was very disappointed in the bands new found wokeness.

While others were enjoying watching the mis-guided backlash, “Me watching everyone freak out about Pink Floyd’s continued use of a rainbow on the cover of Dark Side of the Moon despite it being a longstanding tradition for the past 50 years,” said another.

As part of the 50th anniversary of ‘Dark Side of The Moon’, the band also announced a special box set which is now available for pre-order

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