Who said tennis doesn’t have it all; action, drama, and hot men. World No.1 player Novak Djokovic has served up a bit of drama as he responded to some rowdy fans during his second-round match against Aussie favourite Alexei Popyrin at the Australian Open.

As the match heated up, so did the crowd, and one cheeky individual decided to chirp in. Djokovic invited the heckler to step up and share his thoughts face-to-face. It was a brief but rare occurrence for Novak, who isn’t usually one to interact with a Heckler. The confrontation led the spectator to stand up in the stands, but he then apologised.

Being the professional that he is, Djokovic then turned his attention back to the game, perhaps fueled by the brief banter. They say nothing fuels performance like a bit of anger, right? Especially for tennis players!

When probed about the heckler’s comments, Djokovic kept it professional, saying, “You don’t want to know.” Oh, the mystery! Luckily, for the curious minds, he eventually spilled the details on the amusing situation. Game, set, match – Djokovic handles the heckles with style and a touch of humour.


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