This particular item, which is coming to Aldi stores as one of their new special buys, bares a striking resemblance to a particular male body part and toys of the adult variety.

The ‘Sculpting Facial Roller Set’, which will set you back $19.99, has caused quite the stir on Facebook with it being likened to a adult toy.

People on social media said that they believe the supermarket giant is doing this on purpose after selling another suspicious looking message item in 2022.

“We can confirm that the vibrating Sculpting Facial Roller feels very, very good. On the face. Where it belongs,” an Aldi spokesperson told


“We strongly encourage customers to read the instructions to ensure they are enjoying the product as intended.”

Image: Aldi Website

Aldi’s Sculpting Facial Roller, “which uses sonic vibrations to ease tension in the face,” is hitting shelves around the country on February 25.

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