No nonsense. No backing down. Gina Liano is back and taking no prisoners in this brand-new podcast.

Each week a new case involving both celebrities and everyday Australians will be brought to the court of Judge Gina.

Both parties get to present their evidence to Judge Gina who will then make a binding decision!

For her first case, Pete claims that he provided rides to Tom to work for about three and a half years and that Tom never contributed to the fuel expenses or tolls. Now, he’s brought Tom to Judge Gina to settle a dispute that’s been years in the making.

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“I am busy working back in law as a barrister and will not have people wasting my time. I want the facts and will be making the final ruling, I hope they are ready.”

Best mate’s done you dirty? Trouble with the neighbours? Have your kids stitched you up big time? Submit your case to Judge Gina here.

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