Delta Goodrem has called out New South Wales Health for using her image in a ‘disturbing’ vaccination post to promote COVID-19 booster shots. 

The Aussie singer was furious when the official NSW Health Instagram account used an image of her head with cartoon needles being jabbed into it.

Goodrem reposted the image onto her own account, slamming the government department for sharing it.

“I have a HUGE problem with this, New South Wales Health are you serious?” Goodrem said in her Instagram Story.

She added, “Needles pointing at a picture of my head in an attempt to get your point across is disturbing!”

NSW Health has since deleted the Instagram Story and apologised to the songstress.


A NSW Health spokesperson followed this up by issuing the following statement: “NSW Health was attempting to convey an important public health message but recognises it made an error of judgement and sincerely regrets the offence caused to Delta Goodrem.

“The message has now been removed by NSW Health.”

The Instagram Story was posted as part of NSW Health’s ‘Fact Check Friday’ series.

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