Britney Spears has released a video on YouTube which goes into full detail about her 15 years under conservatorship.

The YouTube video , which has since been made private, has no visuals, and takes fans through a chronological account from the last 15 years. Spears says she had “tons of opportunities” to share her story, including an offer from Oprah Winfrey. But she says she thinks it is “kind of silly” to get paid to open up about her hardships – hence the YouTube video.

Spears says she started to push against the restraints of her conservatorship around the time she released her album Glory. 

“For some reason, I started to get a spark back. I started making Glory, and I got the fire back in my eyes. I started getting more confidence, and with confidence, people were like ‘What’s going on now, she’s speaking up a little more.

“I think with confidence comes enlightenment, which makes you think better. That’s the last thing they wanted,” she says.

“I had to just play this role, that everything was OK all the time. I knew they could hurt me.”

Spears then recalls being sent away to a mental health facility back in 2019 as punishment for voicing her opinions during rehearsals for her cancelled Vegas residency Domination.


I didn’t want to ever go there. I remember calling my dad on the phone crying, and he said ‘You have to listen to the doctors. I can’t help you now.’”

She says she hated her time in the facility and it made her briefly stop believing in god.

“How did they get away with it, and what the f**k did I do to deserve that?” she asks.

“They literally killed me. They threw me away. My family threw me away,” she says.

“I was a machine. It was insane how hard I worked.”


Spears finishes the YouTube video by reiterating that she’s had “lots of offers” for lucrative interviews to share her story, but she’s not interested.

“For me, it’s beyond a sit-down interview,” she says.

“I’m sharing this because I want people to know, I’m only human. I do feel victimised – and how can I mend this if I don’t talk about it?”

“I have an amazing song right now with one of the most brilliant men of our time, and I’m so grateful. But if you’re a weird, introvert oddball like me, who feels alone a lot of the time, and you needed to hear a story like mine today to know that you’re not alone, know this: My life has been far from easy, and you’re not alone.”