Aldi Australia’s popular $5 Lazzio coffee beans have clinched the top honour at the prestigious 2024 World Series of the Golden Bean Awards, the globe’s largest coffee roasting competition. Despite facing stiff competition with over 2,500 entries this year, the Aldi range, roasted by Melbourne-based brand Black Bag Roasters, emerged victorious, earning praise from experts.

The award-winning selection comprises 11 products priced between $4.99 and $21.99. At the lower end are the 250g ‘Organic Peru Ground Coffee’ and 250g ‘Organic Honduras Ground Coffee,’ while the 1kg ‘Luxe Blend’ sits at the top of the range. Other offerings include a 1kg Medium Coffee Beans ($14.99), 1kg Single Origin Brazil Beans ($18.99), and 1kg Single Origin Colombia Beans ($18.99).

The full ALDI Lazzio range includes: 

·       Lazzio Medium Coffee Beans 1kg, $14.99 

·       Lazzio Dark Coffee Beans 1kg, $11.99 

·       Lazzio Medium Ground Coffee 500g, $8.49 


·       Lazzio Dark Ground Coffee 500g, $8.49 

·       Lazzio Medium Dark Beans 500g, $8.49 

·       Lazzio Medium Dark Ground 500g, $8.49 

·       Lazzio Organic Ground Coffee Honduras 250g, $4.99 

·       Lazzio Organic Ground Coffee Peru 250g, $4.99 

·       Lazzio Single Origin Brazil Beans 1kg, $18.99 


·       Lazzio Single Origin Colombia Beans 1kg, $18.99 

·       Lazzio Luxe Blend 1kg, $21.99 

Previously dominating the Australian Golden Bean Awards from 2019 to 2022, Aldi faced a setback in 2023. However, its return to the winner’s circle on the global stage underscores the brand’s consistent commitment to quality and affordability in the competitive coffee market.

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