The 2020 AFL premiership season has hit all sorts of rocky waters and for the members that have forked out hundreds of dollars to support their clubs at many games, they’ve found themselves in the lurch.

With the new season kick-off looming, the AFL has now revealed four options for its current members, with one being an ‘absentee membership’. The absentee membership also will keep help member’s hold on to the privileges, but it’ll come at a cost – a cool $170.

If a member requests a full refund for 2020, the AFL will terminate their 2020 benefits which including discontinuing their existing level of membership and membership continuity. Basically, you’d be starting from scratch.

Members who continue to pay for their memberships in full will receive a 30 per cent discount on 2021 fees. Absentee membership holders will receive four guest passes in 2021.

Club memberships are in a different category and are still exploring options.

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