Woolworths has begun testing new technology to make grocery shopping a lot faster, and from the sounds of things, a lot more fun! 

First, the supermarket will introduce the Scan&Go app. It will allow customers to scan products with their phones as they go through the store, before paying on their app. Customers will be required to ‘tap off’ at a dedicated kiosk in the self-serve area before they head out.

The trial is already in place in multiple high traffic locations in Sydney, including Pitt Street and Metro George Street.

Of course, Scan&Go won’t work well with loose fruit and vegetable, so Woolies have something else up their sleeve to speed things up – new scales that will be able to tell what you’ve put on them.

The technology will see customers able to weight produce on the machine and the AI will pick a number of products for the customers to choose from, based on what it thinks it is. Yep, no more tapping through the A-Z list!

A manager for the supermarket posted to LinkedIn to show how the new technology is supposed to work.

The move comes as supermarkets try to stamp out mis-scanning, or stealing, from the checkouts.


Self Serve checkouts are now believed to account for 8 million transactions a week.