A woman has made an irate tram officer wait six minutes while she finished her meditation.

Steph Athanasopoulos routinely meditates for 20 minutes on her way to work, but was interrupted 14 minutes in by a tram officer wanting to see her Myki.

She said she assumed the female transit officer would realise she was meditating and come back.

Eventually, after she kept insisting, Ms Athanasopoulos “opened her eyes, told the woman the meditation had six minutes left, closed her eyes and continued”. 

“My response to her reaction was one I chose to do having considered the alternative, easier option of obliging to her forceful attempts at gaining my attention, she told Yahoo7

“The option that would have left me feeling powerless and unsafe, feelings she was already triggering in me with her constant berating.”

Ms Athanasopoulos said she thought the transit officer would notice she was meditating, but when the pestering continued she politely “opened her eyes, told the woman the meditation had six minutes left, closed her eyes and continued.”

“I truly felt that asking this woman for six minutes to continue a meditation would be met with acceptance and understanding.”

“I was obviously wrong and she did not like to wait the six minutes I had left and so felt the need to continue to demand my ticket for the remainder of the meditation, barely waiting half a second between each ”excuse me miss open your eyes”.”

After her meditation finished, she handed her ID and Myki card over 

The woman begrudgingly waited for Ms Athanaspoulos timer to go off.

When it did, and the meditation was over, Ms Athanaspoulos handed over her identification and her Myki travel card. 

‘She said to me ”do you know what would happen if I had to wait 20 minutes for everyone on this tram to finish their meditation?”,’ Ms Athanaspoulos.

‘I replied ”the world would be a much better place”.