Virgin has announced they will join a campaign being driven by News Corp Australia and will soon acknowledge defence force veterans on all its flights before take-off.

The plan will offer priority boarding to servicemen and women but doesn’t include any discount fares has been backed by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

In the US, some airlines ask passengers to stand and applaud servicemen on board their aircraft and offer a “Thank you for your service”.

Appearing on the ABC’s Insiders, veterans affairs minister, Darren Chester, welcomed the Announcement, but acknowledged many veterans would sooner embrace discounted airfares.

“Australians, by nature, tend to keep their light under a bushel,” Chester sad.

“Some would be happy to get on the plane without anyone knowing they are there.”


The Lowy Institute’s research fellow Rodger Shanahan, himself a veteran, wrote that Australia is in danger of reaching “peak veteran’” as governments, media and business all tried to capitalise.

“It seems to be all about branding and veterans are the brand du jour,” he said.

“I think they should dial it down a little.”

“Most of my cohort would rather not be defined by their military service,” he said.

“They find this kind of acknowledgement disconcerting.”



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