Epping Costco is under fire for serving up “disgusting” pink rotisserie chicken. 

A Whittlesea woman told The Herald,

“As soon as I cut into it I said ‘oh my goodness, that’s disgusting’. I’ve worked in hospo (hospitality) and I’ve worked for Red Rooster and that’s a no-no,” the woman said.

Staff then reportedly told her to “put it in the microwave” before refunding her.

She’s not the first person to complain either, there has been a flurry of social media posts claiming to have similar experiences with either pink chicken, or a white mucus-like substance on the meat. 

Costco has defended their chooks though, saying there are “a number of external and environmental factors that can cause meat to be pink yet still fully cooked and safe to eat”.


(The photos are pretty gross, so we haven’t included them in here – but if you’ve got a strong constitution you can check them out over here)

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