A four-year-old boy has lived through a terrifying ordeal after a thief stole a car while he was sleeping inside.

Rhonin’s father Vaneet Bansal explained the chilling moment he realised the carjacker had taken off with both his car and his son who was in the rear booster seat.

“I looked at my car, it was missing… then I realised it (had been) stolen. I quickly jumped to follow the driver,” Mr Bansal said.

He was talking with friends in Craigieburn with his keys in the ignition when it happened.

Thankfully, a crying, unharmed Rhonin was found a few minutes later in the abandoned car on Cimberwood Drive thanks to the efforts of the Air Wing and Canine Unit.

The robber had fled the scene with the help of a light coloured hatchback getaway car driven by another person at about 10:20pm.

According to his dad, Rhonin, the trooper, is doing fine.


“He’s good, he’s playing so he’s fine.”