When there’s a will, there’s a way. And the kids have a way. 

Melbourne teens are getting around 18+ ID checks by paying adults on the ‘Airtasker’ app to purchase alcohol for them and have it delivered to them. 

Airtasker’s a highly successful global app that allows users to find and pay people in their area to do their tasks for them.

Cunning minors are using to find and solicit willing adults to deliver alcohol to their door for as little as $5.

“Parents should be concerned that children’s drinking is facilitated by services like Airtasker,” Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education chief executive Michael Thorn said.

“The supply to young people under the age of 18 is emerging as a significant risk with online providers.


“There is an obligation on Airtasker to inform the people associated with the business to communicate.

“They have a duty to ensure they are not supplying to someone under the age of 18.”

It’s illegal to supply alcohol to minors and adults can be faced with a $19,000.