Students from St Kevin’s College are being investigated after footage emerged of a tram-full of boys singing an offensive and misogynistic song, according to The Age.

The year 10 and 11 students were on their way to an athletics carnival when they started a chant ‘I Wish That All The Ladies’ which is a call-and-response song with verses that demean women.

There were a number of women, elderly people and children on the tram.

Headmaster Stephen Russell said the conduct was unacceptable.

“To say I am upset, frustrated and angry would be fair,” Mr Russell said.

“As a husband, a father of daughters, a brother of four sisters, a son, and I hope, a good friend and decent colleague to many women, I know this behaviour cannot go unchallenged.

“We commenced our investigation into this offensive and misogynistic behaviour yesterday morning and we are well under way to understanding the extent of the behaviour and the boys involved.

“We have programs specifically designed to teach and shape our boys’ behaviour and attitudes about respectful relationships. The college and families need to continue to work together to expand on and improve our work in this area.”


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