An iceberg could be dragged to Perth to be harvested for drinking water in the UAE if a billionaire entrepreneur has his way.

This isn’t some harebrained pitch for Shark Tank either.

Abdulla Alshehi is keen to used a tugboat to drag a berg from Heard Island, which is owned by Australia, to either Perth or South Africa.

It was reportedly estimated that an iceberg about 2 kilometres long and 500 metres wide would provide enough fresh water for a million people for five years.

Alshehi said that the berg would lose about 30% of its bulk during the, you know, drag, but it would be a cheaper and more environmentally conscious option than a desalination plant.

“As per our analysis, it will be cheaper to bring in these icebergs rather than using desalination water,” he told Euronews 

“Desalination plants require a huge amount of capital investment and mean pumping a huge amount of sea water to the gulf, killing fish and marine life.


“We believe it will be economically better and more environmentally friendly to use the icebergs, not just for the United Arab Emirates, but throughout the world.”

He’s also hopeful that if an iceberg was dragged to the UAE, it would create its own mini climate, including rain clouds.

A test of the plan, tipped for later in the year, will cost about $80 million.

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