Those in Melbourne’s east are being warned to be wary of scammers who falsely offer to fix people’s roofs.

A number of elderly people have already lost thousands of dollars to scam artists.

One Burwood woman in her 70s handed over $9000 after a con-man offered to put some of her dislodged tiles back free. 

He then told her she needed a range of repairs, new insulation and insisting he needed to come back for another day of work. 

The man handed over brochures which matched up with a website online. 

After one day of “work”, he never returned and an insurer determined that no work had been done on the roof. 

An 88-year-old Rowville man also lost $3000 to a similar scheme.


The fraudsters are believed to be in their late 20s to early 30s, drove a ute and dressed like tradies.  

Though they don’t know if they’re linked, Box Hill detective Senior Sergeant Simon Brendish said there were men with Irish and European accents scamming elderly people across Whitehorse recently.  

He stressed to not accept any offers from doorknockers, no matter how legitimate they might seem.