A power pole has been left in the middle of the road in Wickham, Newcastle after council work stopped on the weekend.

Recent roadworks at the intersection of Foundry and Albert Streets have seen the road widened and kerb pushed back. However, the power pole has remained in the same spot.

“It’s been there for a week, they’ve been working on this for ages,” a local businessman told news.com.au.

“Apparently [they’re] installing a roundabout eventually. The designer certainly made a few boo-boos.”


City of Newcastle’s CEO Jeremy Bath has blamed Ausgrid for the works.

“Slow your hate. We have found over the past six months that undertaking work is the only way to get Ausgrid to temporarily left their ban on live works. The alternative is not to do the work and just keep on waiting for Ausgrid,” he said on Facebook.

In April, an Ausgrid lineworker tragically passed away, prompting the company to implement a review into all live work tasks for safety reasons. This means work which is usually done live, with the power turned on, is now done with the power turned off, which takes longer to complete.

The City of Newcastle has surrounded the pole with barricades, and expect Ausgrid to “realign it as soon as practicable”.