New cameras that can scan six lanes of traffic in both directions and can track speeds of up to 350kph have launched in Melbourne.

The new generation of mobile speed cameras were announced on Wednesday and will be rolled out over the next year, replacing existing cameras.

The cameras will be rolled out at 2,000 sites, including busy main roads, highways and suburban roads.

The first ten cameras will be turned on in the comings days and will be able to identify speeding drivers across six lines of traffic, regardless of what side of the road the camera is located.

The cameras also come with advanced radar technology and are not affected by steel obstructions, median strips or trams.

“We’re still seeing far too many people who think speeding won’t hurt anyone – and it’s costing too many lives,” Minister for Police and Emergency Services Lisa Neville said.

“These cameras will help save lives and the message is clear – if you speed on our roads you will be caught and you will face the consequences.”