We’ve got bad news for you, Victorian public transport users. 

Myki fares will be rising by 2.2 per cent from January 1ST, 2019.

A full fare two-hour Myki trip will be increasing from $4.35 to $4.40, and the concession trip will rise from $2.15 to $2.20. Depending on your entitlements, you could be forking out up to $8.80 a day. 

If you’re from regional Victoria, don’t worry – your fare prices aren’t changing!

It’s not all bad news though. From 3am on Christmas Day until 3am on Boxing Day, you’ll be able to take a train, tram, bus or V-Line train without tapping on. The same applies from 6pm on New Year’s Eve until 6am New Year’s Day. 

So, what does that mean? Top up before the fare increase comes into play! Wouldn’t you rather pay $8.80 than a $223 fine?


All we can say is… it could be worse!

Gold 104.3 Melbourne