Melbourne’s infamous Montague Street Bridge has claimed another victim after lying dormant for 224 days. 

A truck found itself wedged beneath the three-metre high light rail bridge in South Melbourne yesterday. 

The electronic height-detection gantry was installed at the bridge in 2016, causing 14 crashes since. There are 26 signs warning of the bridge’s clearance height. 

A site – featuring a live crash count – suggests the 224 day accident-free run may be good ol’ ‘Monty’s’ personal best. 

According to VicRoads, the bridge was hit once in 2016 following the gantry installation, three times in 2017 and another three times in 2018. Yesterday’s incident is the first since June 13, 2018, leaving the truck salvaged and the flesh-obsessed bridge unharmed. 


The notorious Montague Street Bridge’s hibernation has officially come to an end. Who will be its next victim?

Monty strikes again!