Get ready to sweat, Melbourne!

Even though Summer is almost at an end, it’s not going out without a bang!

Both Adelaide and Melbourne’s forecasts will be looking at 40C, or very close to it by the end of this week.

Apparently this hot latest hot weather is due to a monsoon break, said forecasters.

“A monsoon break means the monsoon trough that brings cyclones and heavy bands of rain is no longer in the region” said Rob Sharpe from Sky News Weather.

“Continent wide temperatures will soar across the country because we are seeing extra sunshine compared to if we had [the conditions associated with] a monsoon.”

“That heat will linger during the week, day in day out, building slightly each day until Friday and Saturday when we’ll be in the midst of a severe heatwave across much of southern mainland Australia.”


“It won’t be until Sunday until we see a proper cool change move on through and drop those temperatures.”