A Montmorency mum has been left an absolute wreck after a terrifying run-in with a brown snake.

The mother walked into her room after putting her three-month-old daughter to sleep when she saw a 60cm brown snake emerge from the cot.

The snake came out from underneath the mattress before the mother grabbed the baby and fled her house in tears.  

Snake catcher Heath Morehu from Heaths Snake Control attended the scene, and told the Heidelberg Leader what happened:

“She was bawling her eyes out and shaking,” he said.

“She was thinking, ‘I could have lost my kid’.

“Removalists are going to come and collect all of her stuff.


“She told me: ‘no that’s it’. She’s not going back in there.

“They will be putting the house on the market.”

Brown snakes have enough venom to kill 15 people and are considered one of the most deadly snakes in the country.

It’s advised to keep your doors closed during summer and alert a professional snake catcher if you see one in your house.