A Melbourne family has been forced to pay more than $8,000 in parking fees as their baby daughter fought for her life in hospital. 

Daisy was born 25 weeks premature, and requires constant care every minute of the day. 

“It’s pretty outrageous to accept. What this basically comes down to is big companies profiting off the sick and the vulnerable and their families,” her mother, Lucy McGee-Stebbings told A Current Affair.

“It would be one thing if the profits from the hospital car park went back into the hospital and were funding certain programs but they just simply go back into private companies, which are just there to make a giant profit out of people who are already suffering.”

Over the past year, McGee-Stebbings has forked out over $8,000 on parking since Daisy’s birth after spending a year hospitalised. 


According to Chronic Illness Alliance chief executive Dr Christine Walker, the cost of parking was deeply affecting the health of patients. 

“We hear stories of people missing crucial appointments and we also hear stories of relatives not being able to afford to visit their loved ones while they’re in hospital,” she said.

Parking Costs Across Australia:

Alfred Hospital, Melbourne – $17 for two hours
Sydney Eye Hospital – $65 for three hours
Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital – $39 per day
Royal Adelaide – $24 per day
Perth Children’s Hospital – $23.80 per day
[Source: A Current Affair]