Last weekend, seven swimmers were saved by off-duty lifesavers and now a warning has been released to stop the same incidents happening.

Frankston Life Saving Club President Tim Cutrona is blaming inflatable devices as the reason why so many swimmers are getting in trouble.

On Sunday, February 3rd alone, nine people were rescued in a four-hour period and eight of those were because of inflatables being hit by wind.

“Inflatable toys are the bane of any lifesaving club’s existence and should not be brought to the beach,” Mr Cutrona said.

“Most people are not familiar with the risks these toys present, when the wind changes, which can be quick, you can be blown 200-300m offshore.’

With hot weather expected before the end of the month, Cutrona has warned beachgoers to be extra safe around the water.

Cutrona went on to say “Consider your own abilities and limitations if the weather changes do you have the skill and fitness to get back to shore.”


“If you are kayaking, paddle-boarding or boating check the weather conditions and tell someone where you will be and when you’ll be back.’