We’ve all seen the damage that the current bushfire crisis has had on our beloved wildlife. You can’t really miss the images circling social media of the koalas being recused from across the country.

And so it’s always heartwarming to see a story about an animal that has survived this horrific disaster, rather than a story about those that weren’t so lucky.

Meet Amelia, a hen that was found in the Charmhaven bush fire region about 76km north of Sydney and has been nursed back to health after suffering severe burns and injuries.

One woman from an organisation called NSW Hen Rescue was willing to spend the thousands of dollars that it took to give Amelia the proper care needed to heal her injuries.

Speaking with Yahoo News Australia, the hen’s carer Catherine Kelaher said that chickens and other birds often hide their pain so that they don’t come across as weak to predators, and this is exactly what Amelia was doing when she was found by volunteers.

“A big problem that we see with hen rescue is that chickens hide their pain so well,” Mr Kelaher said.

“I think what happened is an ember got into her eye and basically made it explode into this huge marble looking thing.


“She’d burnt her comb, her wattle and her face, and then her feet were really bad, like one of her toes had fallen off. Her feet were wet from the infection, so I took her to emergency.”

Along with being treated for burns, infection and dehydration, Amelia had to have her eye removed. And while this sounds painful, Ms Kelaher said that she’s much more comfortable now without the damaged eye.

Amelia is now out of the vet hospital and recovering in Ms Kelaher’s home. In a post to the NSW Hen Rescue Facebook page, Ms Kelaher said that Amelia is doing well.

“She is eating and drinking well,” the post said. “Her burnt comb is looking a lot better. Her feet are still very sore but she is on the mend and will continue pain relief and antibiotics for as long as needed.”


We hope Amelia is able to make a full recovery soon!

If you want to donate to help other chickens like Amelia, you can donate to the NSW Hen Rescue here.