Drug drivers are going to face tougher penalties and more on-the-spot fines after police and magistrates demanded loopholes should be closed.

The state government has revealed it will launch a sweeping multi-agency review that will change laws next years.

On Tuesday, Daniel Andrews said the government will ‘consider a raft of other reforms and changes” to combat the issue, with drug-drivers now almost surpassing drink drivers on the state’s roads.

On average, police catch a drug drive once every 18 times they do a test, compared to one in 400 for alcohol.

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton from Victoria Police said We are keen to do more on-the-spot infringements and then deal with the testing when they are challenged, much as we do with the alcohol screening environment. I think if we can get those changes, we will be able to dramatically uplift the drug-driving numbers.”

“We have a process currently where we have got to send every sample off for testing … and we wait for the result of that testing. But what we are looking for is to be able to have that presumptive result acted on,” he continued.

The results of the initial review will be revealed in 2020.