Melbourne’s southeast has been invaded by a mysterious flesh-eating ulcer.

The main hotspots for the ‘Buruli ulcer’ have been around the Mornington Peninsula and Bairnsdale area and its left doctors completely baffled.

The ulcer acts like a flesh-eating bug, and is said to be incredibly painful. 

Neil Hewitt from Sorento told the Leader he begged the surgeon to amputate his arm due to the pain, and was left with massive scarring and reduced movement in his right hand. 

The state government has reported over 275 cases in the year and are now calling on the public to help fight the virus. 

Mosquitos are believed to be the cause Mornington Peninsula Mayor David Gill has asked locals to help to set up traps at their houses.

The traps release carbon dioxide from the ice inside a cooler, tricking the mosquitos into thinking it’s an animal’s breath.


A fan then traps the mozzie’s and then shipped off to the lab for testing. As the mosquitoes investigate, a small fan draws them down a funnel at the top of the trap and into a bag.

Field officers working on the Beating Buruli project will collect bags of mosquitoes and send it to a laboratory for testing.

“This will lead to the development of evidence-based policies and practices that can help stop the spread of the disease,” Victoria’s acting chief health officer Dr Brett Sutton said.