A mother and her two young children have been kicked off a Jetstar flight because her toddler-aged son did not have shoes on.

According to the New Zealand Herald, witnesses say staff at Queenstown Airport refused to let them board despite another passenger offering a pair of shoes to the young boy.

Despite others also rallying around the family, staff refused to let them embark.

A witness claims that staff ordered their baggage be taken off the plane immediately, which reportedly caused delays and disruption to other passengers waiting to fly out of Queenstown.

“She was really beside herself and crying and it was really awful. I was furious,” she said.

“The thing is, they did resolve the issue because the child did have shoes on but were still turned away.”

Jetstar’s terms and conditions state that they have the right to refuse a passenger if they are not wearing footwear.


A Jetstar spokesman confirmed the family was unable to board the flight due to the son not having any shoes. Ground staff held up the flight for 21 minutes as a result.

The spokesman said the family were put on another flight to Auckland the following day at the airline’s expense.