A shop in Melbourne’s inner-northwest has been exposed for selling original and Nazi memorabilia. 

The Herald Sun reports that swastika flags, uniforms, daggers and Hitler Youth badges are being sold at the EK Militaria store in Pascoe Vale and the store manager wears a Nazi symbol ring. 

The store also has a Confederate flag in the front window and swastikas hung around the walls. 

The owner, Garry McDonald, makes no apologies. 

A Confederate flag hangs in the front window and swastika images hang on the wall.

“If I’ve upset one person, what do they want me to do about it? They’ve upset me by whingeing about it,” he said.

“I couldn’t care what people think. I could not care less.”

And while it’s one thing to sell Nazi memorabilia, it’s another thing to wear it.  

“That is my business what I wear. It’s my prerogative”.

The store has come under fire from a range of groups. 

Anti-Defamation Commission chairman Dvir Abramovich was furious.

“I urge the Andrews Government to either ban or bring in immediate regulation and control of this abhorrent trade,” he told the Herald Sun.

“I can’t imagine the anguish Holocaust survivors who lost entire families, and the Diggers who fought to defeat Hitler would be feeling right now.”

“Trafficking in death and blood must never become normal or OK in Victoria.

“This is cruel and indecent.”

Locals too, were unhappy. 

“I do not want symbols of hatred being displayed or sold in my neighbourhood.


“I know that some local people are frightened to walk around this shop because of the people it attracts.”