Serious concerns over privacy have been raised after drones have been sighted flying into people’s properties and hovering beside windows in Diamond Creek.

One homeowner, Ashley Torcasio, told the Herald Sun she’s spotted a drone invading her property four times in the past month.

To add to the privacy concerns, she witnessed a car posting up at the bottom of her property when the drone was active on February 6.

“The drone is looking into our windows — it is such an invasion of privacy and it’s a bit creepy,” she said.

“For all we know it could be trying to case out if anyone’s home — looking to see if they could break in or what someone’s movements throughout the day are.”

She’s not the only one either, another homeowner told the paper they had seen one near Ryan’s Rd.

Residents have been able to scare the drone away by either approaching it or shining bright torches into the camera.


While drones may seem harmless, there are concerns the drones could be used to take unsolicited photos and videos or even facilitate robberies.

Current laws require drones to be 30 metres from houses.

If you spot an unwanted drone buzzing around your joint you should contact the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.