The Mornington Peninsula is about to brace for the introduction of a mandatory register for backyard pools, which is costing the council $2 million to roll out.

The region has the most pools in Victoria, over 17,000 and is facing a ‘nightmare’.

Under new laws that came in, in 2018, pool and spa owners must comply with an inspection to ensure fences are up to scratch.

Mornington Peninsula Mayor David Gill sad the council is all for the scheme but was concerned about the cost.

“No one is disputing the importance of ensuring that the community, especially children, are protected around water. But setting up and managing the register and the ongoing compliance will be an expensive nightmare.

“Ultimately it will be a community that bears the cost.”

The council’s report says it will cost $2,080,000 to resource, research and manage the initial registration and certificate lodgement for the first two years and then $360,000 to manage the system