Remember that outage that affected Commonwealth Bank customers making and receiving payments last week?

Well CommBank has made an apology to their customers by transferring some extra money into their accounts!

According to, the country’s biggest bank has put $50 into up to 150,000 customer’s accounts after they were impacted by the outage, which lasted 12 hours last Thursday.

The description in the apology transaction simply reads, “sorry from CBA”.

“Following the outage impacting our systems in recent days, we have made significant progress in processing the outstanding payments,” a spokesperson from CommBank said in a statement.


“We now believe funds should be in customer accounts. If customers have any issues or questions regarding their payments they should contact our call centre or visit us in branch so we can assist.

“We are now refunding fees and charges associated to the network issue on Thursday for our customers who were impacted by this issue.”

The bank has said that they have already deposited the money into the necessary accounts and so if anyone is asked to provide account details they should be wary about fraud.

“If a customer is approached for their account details they should not provide this and the customer should let us know by phoning our call centre or visiting us in branch,” the spokesperson said.


“We apologise to everyone who has been affected by the delay in payments and we are very sorry for the inconvenience it has caused.”