Australian cartoonist Michael Leunig is in hot water over his latest cartoon published in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald on Wednesday. 

The cartoon – which pictures a mum using Instagram on her phone while pushing a pram, not realising that her baby has fallen out of the pram – has received an onslaught of backlash online, with many slamming the cartoonist for “mummy shaming”.

It was accompanied by the following:

“Mummy was busy on Instagram
When beautiful bubby fell out of the pram
And lay on the path unseen and alone
Wishing that he was loved like a phone.”

Commentator Clementine Ford has condemned the work, calling Leunig a “f***ing grong”.

“I bet you never spent hours walking babies around in a pram, feeling isolated and alone and terrified,” she tweeted.


“Leunig is down on mums doing anything but stare adoringly at their babies 24/7. I will never forget the awful, judgmental, finger-wag of a cartoon he did about childcare. This is in that category. Mary Leunig (is she a relation?) did an awesome book on the drudgery of motherhood,” writer Jane Caro added.

Many have labelled the cartoon as ‘baby boomer bullsh*t’, highlighting the difficulties of being a mother and the fear of being judged by strangers.