Essential workers in Melbourne will have to carry a permit from 11:59PM on Wednesday.

Premier Daniel Andrews announced a range of changes and closures to workplaces on Monday, with some sectors completely closing down.

Residents who still need to work will now have to show a piece of paper, signed by both the worker and employer when travelling to and from work.

Some workers, like police officers and nurses, will be able to show their official documentation.

The paperwork is now available on the Department of Justice and Community Service website, which as at 8:50 AM, is currently down.

You can get a version of the form, here:

The Government has confirmed that any employee who is working in one of the permitted industries must carry a permit, if they cannot work from home.


Each employee required on-site will need a permit but will be allowed one journey into work without one, in order to pick it up.

To issue a worker permit, employers will need

  • name, ABN, company address and trading name
  • the name and date of birth of the employee
  • the employee’s regular hours and place of work
  • to meet all eligibility criteria, including that the business is a permitted activity
  • to meet all relevant legal obligations
  • to have a COVID-19 safe plan in place
  • to authorise a person or people to issue the worker permit.

The onus is on the employers to fill out the template and then have it signed by an authorised person, like the CEO or HR.

The employee will then need to sign and carry the permit.

“If you’re pulled up by police, you can simply provide that piece of paper, and then you would be waved on to go about your business,” Andrews said.


“This is old-fashioned common sense. It’s a piece of paper. Your employer fills it out. They sign it. You sign it. You carry it with you.

“Then you’re able to demonstrate (your reason to be out) so there’s not a sense of anxiety or a sense of having to tell your story 17 times.”

For further details visit the Department of Justice and Community Service website.

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