Thousands of Melbourne motorists are returning to the roads, with traffic data showing its increasing quickly following a decline during coronavirus restrictions.

The Herald Sun is reporting that figures collected by Real Time Traffic show that cars travelling along 10 of the city’s busiest routes have started to see a 15% increase in traffic during the final week of April.

Melbourne’s busiest arterials have seen the biggest jump, with 8300 journeys added to Hoddle Street compared tot he start of the month.

Real-Time Traffic’s head of analytics Felicia Velde said “From the introduction of Stage 2 restrictions, traffic volumes dropped sharply by 45 per cent over a 4-week period. The lowest dip occurred shortly after the government restricted public gatherings to no more than 2 people. However, in the past two weeks, we have started to see an uptick in traffic volumes, by as much as 15 per cent.”

An RACV spokesman said While we can only assume the increase in traffic is being driven by an eagerness for life to return to ‘normal’, RACV reminds motorists that stage three restrictions are still in place.’’

Stage three restrictions mean that Melburnians should only be leaving the house for caregiving, buying food or for work, if the work cannot be done from home. Fines can be given if you are in breach of those reasons.

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