People have been warned to be incredibly cautious when using insect bombs after they were found to be the cause of a house explosion in Sydney on Easter Sunday.

A family is lucky to be alive after their inner-west home exploded and collapsed while they were inside over the weekend.

A spokesperson for Fire and Rescue NSW told that the explosion was caused by “an excessive amount of cockroach bombs”.

Fire and Rescue NSW said that the homeowner didn’t follow instructions properly and used more insect bombs than what was recommended by the manufacturer at once.

“These items need to be used according to the manufacturers specifications,” said the spokesperson, cautioning others to always read the label before using the items.


An emergency responder from the site of the explosion also shared photos online as a warning to others about the dangers of insect bombs, saying that this explosion occurred when a gas stove was turned on as 10 bug bombs were used.

“Attended a job early Sunday morning at Ashbury,” the responder wrote. “This is the result of 10 bug bombs and a gas stove.

“Please read the instructions carefully and turn off power at the circuit breakers!”

The explosion occurred at around 7:10am on Sunday morning with seven people, aged between eight and 73, inside at the time.

The father, aged 38 and two children, eight and 12, were treated for minor burns while two elderly people had to be rescued from the home by police.

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