New technology that can detect distracted drivers will be rolled out across Victorian roads at a cost of over $33 million.

The new technology is aimed at catching out motorists who use their mobile phones while driving.

The state government is set to fork out $33.7 million for the system, which is currently being used in New South Wales.

Researchers estimate that the new scheme could prevent 95 fatalities on Victoria’s roads each year, with fewer distracted motorists on the roads.

The new technology would use artificial intelligence-enabled high definition cameras to detect when drivers are not focused on the road, with images then verified by trained staff.

Recently, a three month Victorian trial of the cameras scanned around 680,000 passing vehicles and found that around one in 42 drivers on the road were using their mobile while in the driver’s seat.

The new system is scheduled to be rolled out and operational by 2023.

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