Victoria Police and other authorities will go ‘door to door’ to ensure residents are adhering to Coronavirus restrictions following a spike in new infections.

The warning came as at-home restrictions on gatherings would be re-imposed.

From midnight tomorrow until Sunday, July 12, gatherings in home are limited to the residents of the household plus five others.

During the same period, outdoor gatherings ill be limited to 10.

The planned opening of pubs to 50 people, will be postponed and will remain at 20.

Gyms will still be allowed to open, with only 20 people allowed to attend at a time.

Mr Andrews blamed family gatherings for the re-adoption of stricter restrictions.


“I’m frustrated by it, I’m disappointed by it.

“It is unacceptable that families anywhere in our state, just because they want this to be over, pretend that it is,” Mr Andrews said.

“It is not over.

“Those one or two cases could become hundreds of thousands.”

Victorians who see large gatherings are urged to call the police to report the breach.

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