Three video bloggers who uploaded a video of themselves ignoring Melbourne’s curfew, have been fined.

The trio uploaded a video of themselves heading to McDonald’s on Elizabeth Street in the CBD on Sunday morning.

The video caught the attention of Victoria Police, who have now responded with $1652 fines.

In the video, the vloggers say they are ‘heroic’ for ignoring the stay-at-home directives.

“Who does late-night McDonald’s serve?” one person asks in the clip.

“It serves us, the heroic people,” another replies.

A Victoria Police spokespersons aid “Three people were fined yesterday after a video emerged of them filming themselves going out after the curfew hours at approximately 2.30am on Sunday morning to get take away food from a fast-food restaurant in the CBD.’’


Under strict Stage 4 restrictions, Melburnians can only out of home after 8pm is to seek or give care or to work.

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