Young love is under threat at a small country school in Victoria, where students have been told to stop kissing and cuddling.

The Principal of Derrinallum P-12 College, located about two hours from Melbourne CBD, has asked students to hold back on their romantic endeavours.

“Although we all get along swimmingly here at Derri College, I must remind students and families about the need for being appropriate in the yard,” principal Caitlyn Fitzgerald outlined in the school newsletter.

“I have mentioned previously about play fighting but also it’s come to our attention that some students are becoming a little too friendly.

“As students move through their schooling relationships start to blossom. While this is a natural part of growing up I do need to stress that students’ behaviour needs to reflect expectations.”

Ms Fitzgerald also had words of caution, specifically around “students placing pressure on others to become a couple or kiss”.

“To help alleviate peer pressure students are not permitted to be involved in cuddling and kissing at school. We have no problems with couples spending their break time together but we don’t want to have to be telling them off for public displays of affection which can make other students and staff feel uncomfortable,” she said.


“If the students are spending time together a staff member should always be able to see daylight between them,” she said.



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