More cars on the road equal more traffic delays, and that’s exactly what is about to happen to Melbourne as kids return to school.

When you’ve got the 9am drop-off deadline, it’s good to know what roads to avoid during the rush. Luckily, a study has revealed the top ten worst roads for traffic delays, including the infamous Punt Road.

It has been revealed that the time it takes to get through the CityLink during school rush is a whopping 1625% increase to when the kids are on break.

Some may surprise you, and some won’t. See the list below to find out whether your usual route is affected and how much longer you’ll be in the car.

  1. CityLink (city-bound, through Burnley and Kooyong) – extra 2.44 minutes.
  2. Princes Freeway (northeast-bound, Brooklyn and Laverton North) – extra 7.11 minutes.
  3. Fitzgerald Road (northbound, Laverton) – extra 1.18 minutes.
  4. South Gippsland Highway (northbound, Dandenong South) – extra 1.29 minutes.
  5. Western Ring Road (southbound, Laverton) – extra 48 seconds.
  6. Punt Road (northbound, South Yarra) – extra 2.29 minutes.
  7. Grange Road (northbound, Burnley/Toorak) – extra 46 seconds.
  8. Frankston-Dandenong Road (northbound, Dandenong South) – extra 1.10 minutes.
  9. Hoddle Street (northbound, East Melbourne) – extra 52 seconds.
  10. Kings Way (northbound, South Melbourne/Southbank) – extra 1.52 minutes.