Melbourne’s permitted workers have been given some clearance around whether they need to carry a physical permit with them at all times alongside their photo ID.

Last week, it was announced that all workers that were deemed essential would need to carry a permit to travel after curfew and outside the 5KM radius around their home.

A permit is also needed for any permitted worker who is using childcare where there is no other care available.

“This is old-fashioned common sense. It’s a piece of paper. Your employer fills it out. They sign it. You sign it. You carry it with you,” Premier Daniel Andrews said.

However, today the health department cleared up that workers do not need to carry the physical document but can show authorities a digital copy on their phone, or a photo.

“A worker permit can be shown electronically to authorities such as a photo, or scanned copy, on a mobile device,” the DHHS website says.

Workers with a permit should also carry photo identification with them, such as a driver’s licence, when travelling to and from work.