The Rail, Tram and Bus Union is calling on the state government to introduce limits on how many people can use trains, trams and buses at one time when Melburnians return to work.

The state security for the union Luba Grigorovitch has urged for maximum passenger limits on each service, hand sanitiser at stations, a massive cleaning program and more off-peak travel.

In a statement, Grigorovitch said “Maximum passenger numbers need to be established to ensure safe compliance with social distancing. This needs to be monitored to ensure personal safety is not compromised.

“In the event any transport mode is unable to accommodate safe social distancing, passengers should be encouraged to wait for the next appropriate service.”

Grigorovitch has also called for services to be cleaned halfway through each journey and then cleaned again at Flinders Street station.

“Going forward, it is prudent that quality hygiene stations be established at transport hubs into the future,” she said.

“Employers may also need to do their bit and accept workers must not be disciplined for inadvertently arriving late due to these circumstances and should do all they can to offset any demand for peak services by modifying start and finish hours.”


A government spokesman said the message for Victorians remained the same.

“If you can stay at home you must stay at home and if you must travel on public transport, we ask all Victorians to keep your distance and avoid busy services where you can,” he said.

“As more Victorians move around the city in the months ahead, the Department of Transport will continue to work on additional strategies, based on the Chief Health Officer’s advice to keep Victorians safe.”

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