While it’s not confirmed yet that Melburnians will be able to head to the pub for Grand Final day, Premier Daniel Andrews has given them the go-ahead to tentatively book tables for the event,

With Melbourne looking to take the next step on the roadmap on October 19th, pending that the 14-day average drops to below 5 cases, pubs would be allowed to resume outdoor seating for groups off 10.

In his daily press conference, Andrews said “They can take a booking but there is some risk that those bookings would be cancelled. It is one of those things that despite our best efforts, we can’t tell people in those sorts of businesses or across the state what the numbers will allow us to do on the 18th or 19th or on the 10th or the 11th for instance.’’

When asked whether pubs would get further notices on opening, he said  “I don’t think we will get to a situation where we can give a cafe, bar or restaurant, those sorts of venue, a full week or two weeks’ notice. We won’t be able to do that.”

The average in Melbourne is currently 11.6.

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