Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has hinted again that the state could ease some more lockdown restrictions this Sunday as the state record lowest case numbers since July.

11 cases were recorded in the state I the past 24 hours, with Andrews saying “We are poised to take some significant steps, albeit they are safe and steady steps on Sunday.’’

“We are in that 30-50 band, and it looks like we are going to stay there. That is really very, very important.”

Melbourne’s current average is 34.4.

However, further, more relaxed measures are not going to come any sooner, with Andrews saying “It is too early for us to be able to say where will we be in a fortnight, where will we be in a month. We are not opposed to doing revisions and updating, particularly when it is real numbers as opposed to even rigorous assumptions, but I go back to the central point – there is this lag issue.’’

“What you do today, the impacts of that, will not be clear for some weeks. That is the real difficulty here. The real difficulty.”

Andrews continued saying “we are seeing these numbers come down. This strategy is working. We – all of us have to stay the course, though, because if we were to open up right now, these numbers are still too high.”

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