The Victorian Premier has confirmed that those who live in metro Melbourne but work in regional can cross the ‘ring of steel’.

Regional Victoria now has a daily case average of 1.1 and residents have moved to step 3 of the restriction easing roadmaps, with most businesses now open with limits.

In Melbourne, residents are at step 1 of the opening roadmap and there has been some confusion around whether those who live in Melbourne could travel through the Police checkpoints,

In a statement, Daniel Andrews said “Since we’ve moved regional Victoria to that third step, there have been some queries raised with us about whether a person who lives in Metropolitan Melbourne can travel to regional Victoria for work, including working in an industry that is operating in regional Victoria but not operating in Melbourne.’’

“I can confirm that people can travel to regional Victoria to work more broadly, and are not bound by the permitted industries requirements in Melbourne.”

However, Melbourne residents do have some restrictions when they enter Regional Victoria and should continue to work from home if they can.

“When a person from Metropolitan Melbourne is in regional Victoria, the Melbourne restrictions apply to them,” Andrews said.


“For example, they can’t be going out to a restaurant for dinner.

“They have a permit to go to work and then to return back to their home,’’ Andrews added.