After Victoria recorded two of its biggest Coronavirus cases ion record, the state now faces a crucial weekend as further restrictions are considered.

On Friday, 627 new cases were recorded, while 723 were recorded on Thursday.

Premier Daniel Andrews has said that a deep dive into the data is now underway to see what the root cause of the cases are.

“It is clear to all of us that these numbers are still far too high,” Andrews said.

“We will spend the next day or so looking in fine detail at trends and looking to have a really clear sense to what is presenting and the nature of our challenge.

“I’ve got no announcements to make about next steps, but we could not open up [any restrictions] with these numbers.”

Andrews said the data could lead to further steps being taken to help stop the spread of the data.


Victoria’s Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said the detailed analysis would refer to the “who, where, how and why”.

“It will be the age groups, the occupation, other demographic data in terms of country of origin or language spoken, to understand whether transmission is concentrated,” he said.